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Network Administrator

Department: Information Systems
Reports to: Director of Information Technology/Facilities Manager
Supervises: None
Status: Exempt
Level: Level 4
Location(s): Sanford, Maine

Primary technical position responsible for the proper operation, maintenance, and support of Partners Bank information services back-office equipment and systems.  Works heavily with approved vendors to ensure the processing equipment is in daily working condition. Responsible for all PC’s, Servers, and related equipment service and support activities.

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related technical field or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Minimum of Five to Seven (5-7) years’ experience in a bank technical operation support role providing daily operational support and maintenance activities for servers, desktop systems, and communication devices.
  • Ability to work flexible schedules.
  • Working knowledge of operating and support systems.
  • Working knowledge of operational systems and environment.
  • Working knowledge of data backup and disaster-recovery technologies.
  • Strong Active Directory Management
  • Working knowledge of O365 administration
  • Working knowledge of Veeam Backup Software
  • Working knowledge of VMware and configuration
  • Working knowledge of Server hardware and management
  • Strong patch management
  • Experience in PC maintenance and repair.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Working knowledge of network and WAN infrastructure
  • Excellent problem-solving skills.
  • Strong IT security principles and techniques
  • Strong communication skills
  • Working knowledge of Core Banking Provider (FIS)

Specific Job Functions:

  • Ensures the Bank’s Information Security data processing and reporting systems are in daily working condition.
  • Assists, documents, and coordinates support of the Bank’s LAN and WAN hardware and software.
  • Ensures installed equipment is properly maintained and supported.
  • Submits detailed plans, solutions, and budgets to Information Systems management for the execution of a successful operations and data processing support system.
  • Works with approved outside vendors to maintain the Bank’s operational equipment, systems, and environments.
  • Works with other Information Systems personnel to design, implement, and support an effective system access and security environment.
  • Controls user access to the network. Including setting up profiles for individual users and determining which files, programs, or features each person is authorized to use.
  • Performs technology needs analysis.
  • Develops and implements an approved operational data backup plan designed to protect and limit the Bank’s exposure to data loss or disaster.
  • Design, configure, and tests computer hardware, networking software, and operating system software.
  • Provides necessary training to Partners Bank personnel on operational and support topics.
  • Assists on computer setups and installation.
  • Responsible for maintaining system and server updates and patches.
  • Monitors the Bank’s approved software and hardware for end-of-life. Provides recommendations and implements updates as needed.
  • Maintains systems and processes as required by the Bank’s policy requirements.
  • Assists in installing packaged software systems and applications.
  • Works closely with the Bank’s Information Security Officer to correct vulnerabilities.
  • Member of the BCP Team as an alternate to the IT Technology Team Leader
  • Member of the Bank’s IT Steering Committee
  • Member of the Bank’s Incident Response Team
  • Assists in the installation of data and phone cabling as needed.
  • Diagnoses and assists in the resolution of needed PC repairs.
  • Maintains good knowledge base of Microsoft Products.
  • Provide user and functional support of the Banks Core Provider (FIS)
  • Maintains and responds to various automated and manual system alerts.
  • Assume additional responsibilities as requested.

This Job Description describes the essential functions and qualifications of the job described. It is not an exhaustive statement of all the duties, responsibilities or qualifications of the job. This document is not intended to exclude modifications consistent with providing reasonable accommodations for a disability. This is not a contract.

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