Posted on: April 1, 2019 by Partners Bank

Allergy Apps and Services to Help You Push ‘Paws’ on Your Spring Allergies

Posted on: April 1, 2019 by Partners Bank

Allergy Apps and Services to Help You Push ‘Paws’ on Your Spring Allergies


Spring has sprung! I, too, have been springing around our yard and even Clawdia has been outside practicing her pouncing skills. Our mini-humans have tried to join us on many occasions but keep having to go back inside because of something called “allergies.” Clawdia told me they’re allergic to me like she is, and that’s why they had to go inside, but I didn’t believe her claim. Instead, I took to the trusty internet to find out more about “allergies” and why my mini-humans were having issues being outside.

Turns out allergies means being exposed to something that can cause physical reactions to the body. It seems my mini-humans are suffering from springtime allergies caused by newly growing plants which is causing reactions like sneezing, itchy eyes and throat and stuffy noses!

The more I researched, the more information I found, including the top apps and services to help combat these spring allergies:

WebMD Allergy
Free; Available on Android and iOS
As the leading healthcare publisher in the country, it would make sense that WebMD would offer a dedicated app just for allergies. In fact, this app covers food, skin, insect and medicine allergies as well as for pollen and plant life! For pollen allergies, as my mini-humans are experiencing, you get a forecaster and alerts for the day’s pollen count so you can easily determine your risk for possible allergic reactions. The app also provides a tracker so you can keep record of your reactions to further plan for and avoid allergy risk. With tips, articles, videos, slideshows and quizzes to help impart the information, this is one app that packs a powerful punch.

Zyrtec AllergyCast
Free; Available on Android, iOS and Amazon Alexa
Similar to WebMD, the AllergyCast app (developed by allergy medication manufacturer, Zyrtec) provides a holistic overview of allergy alerts and impact by geography. You also get an updated weather forecast to compare against the allergy alerts which uses live data from over 40,000 zip codes that are closest to you when you access the app. And, the app monitors social media chatter to determine how people in your area are feeling and alerts you to changes. This means you not only get real-time, real-location data to better predict allergy risks, but you can see how the weather affects your allergies, too. Like WebMD, you can keep track of how you’re feeling and your allergy symptoms daily.

If you use the Amazon Alexa smart home device, you can even add a free version of this app, called Your Daily AllergyCast, to your Amazon Alexa skills. Then, simply command Alexa to “start Zyrtec” or “ask Zyrtec for my AllergyCast” to hear the day’s weather and allergy forecast as well as pollen count and overall impact.

My Allergy Assistant
Free; Available on Amazon Alexa
Another smart home device service, My Allergy Assistant, can be added as a skill to your Amazon Alexa. This is a simple program that will provide you with an updated count on pollen in your area for the day, so you can know what to expect and assess your risk.’s Allergy Alert
Free; Available on Android and iOS provides all the information you could think of regarding pollen and plant allergies, so it should be expected that its app would do the same. Indeed, this app includes features covered in the other apps like pollen counts, weather and allergy forecasts, real-time location comparisons and a tracker diary. But this app also provides detailed information for all the most common plant allergens along with photos so you can diagnose your symptoms to find out which allergen is causing a reaction! The app even changes its display look to match the type of allergens reported in the forecast, for a quick visual verification.

The Weather Channel (TWC)
Free; Available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone
As the most widely known app for weather forecasting, and knowing that many of these allergy apps tie in weather with allergy alerts, it should come as no surprise that this app can be used to track and forecast allergies. TWC provides forecasting and alerts, including up-to-date pollen counts in your area. It’s also one of the few apps that features a mold allergy forecast!

Med Helper Pill Reminder
Free; Available on Android and iOS
While not an allergy alert app, the Med Helper Pill Reminder app goes hand-in-hand with any of the above mentioned apps. If you experience spring pollen and plant allergies, you’re likely not just looking for forecasts of risk; you’re treating your symptoms, too. This app can help you keep track of the medication you’re taking, alerting you via alarm as to when to take your medication, as well as when you’re running low on dosages and even when the medication will expire. This app is obviously not just helpful for allergy medicine and can be used for any medication you take on a regular basis!

So there you have it—the top apps and services to help avoid those pesky outdoor allergies. I hope this helps you as much as it did my mini-humans; I do love playing with them outside!

Howl at you soon,
Your pawsitively pawesome pal Cache