Posted on: May 1, 2019 by Partners Bank

Apps You’ll Dig for Memorial Day Weekend Planning

Posted on: May 1, 2019 by Partners Bank

Apps You’ll Dig for Memorial Day Weekend Planning


It may be the beginning of May, but already my family is looking to the end of the month as they plan what we’re going to do for Memorial Day weekend. I’m especially excited because this year my humans have decided to stay in-state so they can bring me along for the fun! (Clawdia opted to stay home. Cats.) My tail can hardly stop wagging for how happy I am, so much so that I decided to help move the planning along with some digging of my own.

I found some really neat apps to help my family plan for Memorial Day weekend activities in Maine, and maybe they will help you, too:

The Other Maine
Free; Available on Android and iOS

Browse through everything that Maine has to offer, from restaurants to hotels, camping, hiking, fishing and other recreational activities, and even up-to-date local community events! If you have mini-humans, there’s an entire section dedicated to activities around Maine. Best yet, this app works offline, so you can continue to sniff around for your next adventure even if you’re on the trails.

Maine Lobster Shacks
Free; Available on iOS only

Are you one of those humans who are obsessed with eating lobster? Then this app is just what you need for your kick-off to summer weekend! Locate over 60 places to get a delicious lobster dinner or mega lobster roll from Maine’s seafood shacks, clam kiosks, bed and breakfast joints, waterfront wharfs, laid back diners, upscale restaurants and more. Navigate from one location to another right in the app with an interactive map featuring GPS directions in 2D, 3D and satellite imaging.

Chefs of Maine
Free; Available on Android and iOS

Perhaps you love lobster, but also want to spend your holiday weekend trying other Maine and New England-inspired delicacies. This detailed and Instagram-like visual coverage of local culinary scenes is perfect for foodies and food lovers who really want to dig into the food scenes of Maine virtually before deciding where to dine. Read up on news and happenings for featured restaurants as well as reviews of new and established joints. Plus, search by region and even by chef to find the summer food you’re craving.

Chimani National Park Guides
Free; Available on Android and iOS

If you’re anything like my family, you’re the outdoorsy type who loves to explore nature and everything it offers. Even in our own state, there’s so much to experience when it comes to the great outdoors, a lot of which goes unseen by many. Chimani’s National Park Guides app is just what you need to navigate Maine’s parks, including one of the state’s greatest natural wonderlands, Acadia National Park. There’s even a free app by Chimani for Android users specific to Acadia National Park (called Acadia National Park: Chimani). Get detailed GPS-enabled maps with a handy “Where AM I” locator, calendars of Ranger-led events, descriptions and photos of all the available hiking trails in the parks and expert-written details on hundreds of unique points of interest in the parks. Plus, you can listen in to a professionally-voiced 35-minute audio guided auto tour for certain driving routes!

Picture This: Plant Identifier
Free and Available for Android and iOS

I wrote about this app back in the fall and wanted to share it again as spring blooms turn into summer greenery. As a dog, I don’t have to worry about the same allergic reactions to plants that my humans do. But if you’re going to be out exploring Maine this Memorial Day weekend, you should keep this app on-hand. Simply take a photo of any plant that you’re unsure of and watch as your device populates with all you’ll need to know, including full names, properties and any possible physical reactions, from horticultural specialists. You can identify thousands of plants, flowers and trees and you can keep track of what you’ve seen by saving the plant information right in the app.

Whether you prefer the indoors or the outdoors, Maine has so much to offer for families and people of all ages. If you’re sticking around this Memorial Day weekend, I hope you find these apps as helpful as I did in planning your holiday activities.

Howl at you soon,
Your pawsitively pawesome pal Cache