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Posted on: January 15, 2020 by Partners Bank

Cache’s Guide to Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

Posted on: January 15, 2020 by Partners Bank

Cache’s Guide to Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

Wow—2019 just flew by! Another year in the history books I can’t read (technically about another seven years for me, but who’s counting?), but I do love hearing Mom, Dad and my mini-humans reading out the highlights from the past year. It really makes my tail wag (especially when they talk about that time I chased what seemed like the entire cast of Bambi away from the garden and saved their food supply! Well, something like that …) and I can hardly wait to do that again next year!

I always hear my humans talking about something called a New Year’s “rezzalooshin,” or something like that. Last year, Mom and Dad said they were going to jog more. Last night, they were talking about how Dad stopped in March and how Mom made it until June, and how they really wanted to focus on not just exercising, but on living overall healthier lives. They were talking about ways to help them stick to their goals and it got me thinking …

THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT! I have yet to sniff around the Internet and not find an app or gadget that could help my humans—so without further ado, the following smartphone apps, which are all free, will help you keep the most popular 2020 New Year’s resolutions (shout out to my youngest mini-human; that’s a hard word to spell for someone who’s only been to obedience school) and turn them from resolutions to lifestyle changes.


Year after year, whether the goal is to get in shape, lose weight or improve overall well-being, exercising is one of the most popular resolutions people adopt. It is also one of the most readily-abandoned, as researchers have estimated most fitness-related resolutions are abandoned by mid-January. Try the following free apps to help you keep motivated and turn this resolution into a seamless part of your life.

Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App
Free; Available on iOS & Android

Director of Exercise Physiology at the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute Chris Jordan pioneered the efficient workout plan that only takes seven minutes to complete. He has engineered workouts utilizing a variety of movements appropriate for any setting, whether it be your living room, a hotel room or a corner in your office. With 1,000s of combinations to choose from, this app will keep you from getting bored, and the integrated timers and video demonstrations will have you performing the workouts at peak efficiency. There’s also a tracking & sharing element that allows you to monitor and share your progress.

Jefit Workout Planner & Gym Log App
Free; Available on iOS & Android

The Jefit app is the holy grail for anybody that exercises. The free version of the app contains thorough workout and routine planners that allow users to build and track their customized workouts with ease. Additionally, the Jefit app contains preloaded workouts and customized workouts based on your workout plan. The body stat tracker will help keep you in line with specific health and fitness goals, and the robust social community will keep you motivated and engaged. The free version also includes instructions, including HD videos for over 1,300 exercises. Whether you’re looking to just get in shape or trying to take the next step in your fitness journey, Jefit will provide all the resources you need to get started and remain interested.

Simply Yoga by Daily Workout Apps, llc
Free or $14.99 for Pro version; Available on iOS & Android

The free version of Simply Yoga contains 20-, 40- and 60-minute level-one yoga routines to help you develop a consistent practice. The app contains audio instructions for routines and video demonstrations for each pose. Once you’ve mastered the free version, upgrading to the Pro version unlocks level-two yoga routines and allows you to create customized routines—with no ads!

Saving Money

Every year, millions of people declare that they will be better budgeters for the new year. The ability to manage money more efficiently will help you open many more avenues and options across all aspects of life. If you need a hand, the following apps will help bolster your bank account without taking anything out of it.

Mint by Intuit
Free; Available on iOS & Android

Intuit (the same company that created TurboTax) is an all-in-one tool to help you better manage your finances. Mint connects to your accounts, keeps track of your expenses, and shows you with easy-to-digest graphs and tips where and how you can optimize your budget and save money. Its bill pay functionality ensures you’re always alerted so you never miss a payment, and the built-in low-funds warnings take into account upcoming bills so you don’t overextend your budget. You’ll be able to set different budgets to different items, and Mint keeps you in the know with personalized tips. To top it off, you’ll also have access to unlimited free credit scores without harming your credit. Intuit is already well-versed in personal security, and it incorporates that knowledge within Mint to ensure your peace of mind.

Free; Available on iOS & Android

PocketGuard is another free tool boasting robust functionality to help you manage your finances. You can track all your accounts, credit and debit cards, loans, savings and investment data in one place to get a full, transparent picture of your finances. PocketGuard allows you to customize your goals and delivers notifications to help you avoid overspending. You’ll get monthly snapshots of your saving and spending habits to help you track your progress. Perhaps PocketGuard’s most unique feature is the ability to find you the best deals on what you’re already spending money on and suggest changes. For example, if you think your cell phone deal is the best around, PocketGuard will do the research and suggest any alternatives that are cheaper. It uses 256-bit SSL encoding to protect all your sensitive data, and establishes a read-only connection with financial institutions to prevent anyone from moving your money around through the app.

Free; Available on iOS & Android

The Wally app is a great financial management tool for those who want to customize the tracking function of your app. There are premium features that cost a few dollars extra, but the free version contains all basic functionality needed to effectively keep track of your money. You set your budgets and goals, and Wally provides a simple interface that allows to track everything, quite simply. You can also take and store pictures of receipts directly to the app—much more useful than keeping an overstuffed folder full of wadded-up receipts!

Partners Bank Mobile App
Free; Available on iOS & Android

The robust mobile app and online banking from Partners Bank not only keeps track of all your accounts with the Bank, it also allows you to connect accounts from other financial institutions and comes with a budgeting tool called Personal Finance to help you take command of your finances. Your transactions will be categorized automatically, and you’ll be able to set budgets within categories. You can set overall goals and receive notifications when you overspend your budget. As far as financial institution apps and online services go, Partners Bank has a top-notch offering to help you budget more effectively.


Whether the goal is to improve your overall health, gain weight or lose pounds, changing our eating habits is not an easy task. Luckily, the following apps will help you better regulate your nutrition to help your body achieve optimal condition.

Start Simple with MyPlate App from the USDA Food & Nutrition Service
Free; Available on iOS & Android

The USDA created this app to help consumers make more informed food choices on their way to achieving personal dietary goals. The app allows users to set goals based on food groups and offers tips and recipes to help along the way. If you’re unsure how to fulfill your requirements, the “Pick for me!” function will provide you with ready-made goals and tips to keep you on track.

OptUP App from Kroger
Free; Available on iOS & Android

National grocer Kroger created the OptUP app to help consumers make more informed decisions when food shopping, regardless of which store they patronize. The app utilizes a national nutrient-profiling system routinely enhanced by an internal team of dietitians. When you scan or search for an item, you will be shown its nutrition score. At that point, you’ll be able to use the app to find healthier options with the “Better For You” function. If you sign up for an account (free but not required), you will also receive customized recommendations based on past shopping to help you achieve a better personal health score (and be physically healthier!). You may also use the app to build shopping lists both independently and based on recipes.

Noom Healthy Weight Loss & More App
Free; Available on iOS & Android

Noom approaches weight loss from a psychological perspective. Users complete a survey at the beginning, and Noom provides coaching and tools to help them create customized meals and workouts and overcome the personal triggers and barriers that hinder weight loss. Rather than being a database of information for the user to select and search, Noom provides a personally curated experience to help keep you motivated and create lasting results. You’ll also be able to track your weight, food, exercise, blood pressure and blood sugar and utilize the in-app pedometer.

Being More Organized

Many of us go into the New Year eyeballing that pile of clutter here, that cluster of random there … and we resolve to be more organized! With so much to keep track of, most of us allow our routines to fall by the wayside. Luckily, the following free apps will help you organize various aspects of your life to create a more intuitive you.

IFTTT (If This Then That)
Available on iOS & Android

One of the most intuitive digital apps on the marketplace, IFTTT will help you keep your digital life in order. IFTTT allows you to connect devices and apps to use in efficient ways and helps automate things you never thought possible. Headed to the store on the way home from work? With IFTTT, when you get close to the store, it can send an automated message to roommates or significant others to check if they need anything. You can even have your smart lights turn on as soon as you pull into your driveway. Anything you can imagine, IFTTT can probably do and make simpler. There are currently thousands of uses, with more integrations and uses added every week.

Free; Available on iOS & Android

If you’ve experienced the all-too-common feeling of opening your email to find an overwhelming amount of messages cluttering a never-empty inbox (most of which you don’t want to receive), you need Unroll.Me! Rather than scouring your inbox to find every unwanted subscription and manually unsubscribing from them, Unroll.Me compiles all your subscriptions into a list for you to deactivate with just one click. Once you’ve selected the subscriptions that are no longer of interest, you will not only no longer receive those emails, but the rest of your subscriptions will be combined into one easily digestible email called “The Rollup.”

Free with premium options available; Available on iOS & Android

Todoist is the ultimate tool for keeping the various tasks of life organized without giving you anxiety by looking at them. Todoist is an intuitive to-do list creator that allows you to separate lists by category and focus solely on the tasks at hand, one list at a time. Create lists for home, work and after work, or categorize them however it makes you feel most comfortable. Another great feature within Todoist is the ability to build collaborative lists with up to five people (more people can be added on with premium plans more appropriate for businesses). That way, when your significant other forgets to add that special bread on the shopping list (or your friendly pup forgot he ran out of treats …), they can add it to the list so you’ll see it on your device at the store.

There you have it, my absolute-favorite free mobile apps to help you keep your New Year’s Resolutions in 2020, because it seems like a year we should all see a bit more clearly (my oldest mini-human rolled their eyes and called that a “dad joke,” but I think I’m much funnier than Dad …). So Happy New Year—go forth and make it a great one!

Until next time,
Your pawsitively pawesome pal Cache

*Prices subject to change by supplier.