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Posted on: November 8, 2019 by Partners Bank

Shedding Light on Super Sniffty Kitchen Tech

Posted on: November 8, 2019 by Partners Bank

Shedding Light on Super Sniffty Kitchen Tech

Halloween has come and gone, and now my humans are getting ready for the holiday season. I love this time of year (other than being forced to wear those silly hats …) because the house always smells so good! I tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen with my nose in the air, and sometimes Mom or Dad even slips me a treat!

This year though, mom and dad are scrambling! Our kitchen is being remodeled and is supposed to be finished only a few days before Thanksgiving. I heard Mom, Dad and the mini-humans discussing how they would handle all the preparations in their new kitchen. This is the first year they’re hosting the entire extended family—I can tell they’re both nervous and excited. They’re practically chasing their tails … if they had them.

I overheard Dad telling Mom how he was worried about not having enough time to prepare and get everything cooked perfectly. They really want this to be the best Thanksgiving, yet! I could sense their worry, so I got to sniffing around the internet and found some neat apps and technology that would really help them in their new kitchen.


Free; Available on Android & iOS
Not only does BigOven offer over 350,000 recipes, but it also features both a meal-planning function and a grocery-list tool that allow users to efficiently centralize many of the functions involved with sticking to a nutrition plan. In addition, BigOven features social functions that provide inspiration and keep the recipe list growing.

Free; Available on Android & iOS
If you’re looking to make a visual impression, you’ll love this app. SideChef puts an emphasis on classier meals that look like they jumped off the pages of a menu from a five-star restaurant. Not only does this app contain recipes, but it also aids the cooking process by providing integrated timers and vocal guidance. Whether you’re cooking your first meal or have been navigating your kitchen for years, SideChef will help you cook like a celebrity.

Perfect Produce
Free; Available on Android & iOS
Are you tired of having to throw away spoiled produce? With the Perfect Produce app, you can put that worry to rest. This useful freebie allows you to look at storage and handling instructions for fruits and vegetables, including the best time to purchase them and their shelf lives. Have you ever wondered how to cook that spiky-looking, multicolored vegetable? Well, Perfect Produce has handy recipes for every piece of produce imaginable.

Food Network in the Kitchen / BBC Good Food
Free; Available on Android & iOS / Free; Available on Android & iOS
If you want to cook like your favorite celebrity chefs, bring them virtually into your kitchen! Both apps feature content exclusively from your favorites, plus tens of thousands of approved recipes. As the handheld hubs for their television networks, both apps feature high-quality photo and video content to guide you through the kitchen, keep you up to date on your favorite chefs, and help you discover new dishes.


Anova Precision Cooker
The sous vide (that’s a fancy way of saying “vacuum-sealing”) method has been steadily growing in popularity, despite being a relatively new culinary innovation, because it takes the guesswork out of cooking. No device is better able to handle your sous vide exploration quite like the Anova Precision Cooker. Assembly and storage are considerably easier than competitive products, and it uses Wi-Fi to connect to your smartphone and turn it into a controller via a free app.

Weber iGrill Mini
$49.99 on Amazon*
Rather than repeatedly opening your oven to check your Thanksgiving turkey and letting out that precious heat, simply use the iGrill Mini smart thermometer! Using a free app that also contains recommended temperatures for various meats, the iGrill Mini connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth with a range of 150 ft. Another unique feature is the ambient temperature probe, which is ideal for smoking; it notifies you on your smartphone when your meat is ready to be served!

Drop Scale
$54.99 on Amazon*
By utilizing a free app, Drop Scale connects to your smartphone and transforms it into your best cooking buddy! Not only does Drop Scale measure ingredients, but it also modifies recipes based on how much you want to prepare. For example, if you’re looking to triple that special pie-crust recipe, you can modify the recipe output from the app, and the scale will prompt you to use the appropriate amount of ingredients. You can even do the same thing with ingredient substitutions. With Drop Scale, never again will you end up with a disaster cake!

Instant Pot Smart WiFi 6 Quart
$149.95 on Amazon*
This combination pressure cooker and slow cooker gives you the ultimate freedom to craft your food from wherever you are, whenever you like. Once it’s connected to your Wi-Fi, the free Instant Pot App on your smartphone enables you to adjust settings and start/stop the device remotely during the busy holiday season.

See? Thanks to the latest and greatest technology, Thanksgiving and the holiday season can be as easy as a walk in the park (unless you’re walking that excitable mastiff puppy next door)! These are just a few of my favorites, but there are a growing number of smart kitchen devices, appliances and apps to help streamline your home kitchen operation. Now that I’ve looked all this up, I’m real hungry! I think I’m going to go find my bone and chew on it until Mom and Dad wake up for breakfast …

Until next time,
Your pawsitively pawesome pal Cache

*Prices subject to change by supplier.