Estatement Enrollment

Completing this form will enroll you in the Partners eStatement program. You will no longer receive paper statements in the mail for the accounts you enroll in eStatements.
You can choose to receive important information required by the Truth-In-Savings Act (and related Federal Reserve Regulation DD) and by the Electronic Fund Transfer Act (and related Federal Reserve Regulation E) electronically. Read this notice carefully and keep a copy for your records.
You can choose to receive the following information in paper form or electronically: periodic statements showing Annual Percentage Yields, fees and other terms of our deposit accounts and monthly statements (collectively, “periodic statements”). If you consent to receive your periodic statements electronically, all such periodic statements will be sent electronically unless you withdraw your consent. You have the right to withdraw your consent to have the periodic statements provided in an electronic form by completing a new consent form and designating that you wish to receive paper disclosures. There are no fees or consequences to your withdrawing your consent other than that you will receive the periodic statement in paper form.
To update your electronic address after consent or if you have questions about receiving disclosure or need technical or other assistance concerning these disclosures, contact us at 1-888-226-5747 or locally at 207-324-2285.
If you wish to receive a paper copy of a periodic statement after you consent to electronic disclosures, you may request it by calling the number indicated above. However, the standard duplicate statement fee will apply; see our rate and disclosure brochure for current fees.
Note: To receive this information electronically, you will need: the hardware to support Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari web browsers. For security reasons, we recommend that you download the latest version to your computer.
By clicking on this link, I want to enroll in the Partners eStatement program and no longer receive paper statements for the accounts I select in the following eStatment enrollment form